Board of Directors

Pinar Bayrak Toydemir


Pinar is a professor of Pathology at the University of Utah, and a Medical Director of Genetics and Genomics at ARUP Laboratories….

Ahmet Emre

Vice President

Ahmet is a software architect/engineer at WCF Insurance. He was born and raised in Turkiye, studied Computer Science and ….

Aydin Aykanat


Aydin was born and grew up in Istanbul, Turkiye. He attended Kadikoy Anatolian High School and graduated from Bogazici …

Esra Aykanat


Esra moved from Ohio to Utah in 2017 with her 2 daughters and husband. After living in the coldest and snowiest places in the USA ….

Vefa Bowen

Director of Cultural Affairs

Vefa was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and graduated from music school with a focus on the Kamancha, a traditional Azerbaijani …..

Isil Hessick

Director of Public Relations and Social Media

Işıl Gökgöz (Hessick) is a storyteller who fell in love with films from a young age. As she grew up, she ….

Dilara Sandoval

Director of Social Affairs​

Dilara Sandoval is a hardworking, and caring mother to her two sons. Dilara met the love of her life Vincent in 1995. After ….

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Selman Tunc

Website Administrator

software developer for many years 😉

Advisory Board

Reha Toydemir

Advisory Board

Reha is a Medical Director of Genetics and Genomics at Quest Diagnostics. He obtained his medical degree from Ankara …

Can Cinbis

Advisory Board

Can was born and raised in Ankara, Turkiye. He attended Ankara Fen Lisesi (High school) and graduated from Middle East Technical University ..