Vefa Bowen

Director of Cultural Affairs

Vefa was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and graduated from music school with a focus on the Kamancha, a traditional Azerbaijani stringed instrument. She and
her family moved to Istanbul, Turkey in the 1990’s and she attended Istanbul Technical University’s conservatory where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in
During her time in Turkey she performed as a pianist at many concerts, festivals, and special music events. She also worked for 15 years in Istanbul as a music
teacher at schools and as a private tutor, particularly for students with special needs.
Vefa, along with her husband and daughter, moved to Salt Lake City in 2015. In Utah, Vefa has been working as a teacher at elementary schools, and teaches
piano lessons. Vefa plays piano for the Turkish music group Kechi, who have had several local performances. In recent years she has performed at the Ghent
Belgium Violin Folk Festival, and at events for the Azerbaijan Consulate, among others. When she isn’t playing piano or teaching, Vefa loves taking photos,
exploring nature, traveling, cross country skiing, biking, and spending time with her family.