Isil Hessick​

Director of Public Relations and Social Media

Işıl Gökgöz (Hessick) is a storyteller who fell in love with films from a young age. As she grew up, she found that having an artistic outlet was the only way to express her thoughts, creativity, and imagination. She holds a B.A in Film and Media from University of Utah. She’s an award winning communications expert with more than 10 years of experience in generating content, video production, photography and social media.

Grew up in Istanbul, she made Utah her home over 20 years ago. She combines her storytelling skills with her passion to support causes that elevates Utah’s diverse community by promoting Turkish speaking cultures. She pursues a passion that enables her to tell stories that can spark a connection between people from different backgrounds and can raise awareness of issues in her community and around the world.

Her music adventure has started when she joined the Turkish music band Kechi with her husband. She enjoys singing Turkish folk, pop, and rock songs especially for non profit events.

Işıl lives with her husband, three kids and their cat, Simba in Utah. She loves traveling, photography, cooking, dancing and watching movies. She can’t imagine a life without good humor and chocolate.